CDL Driving School Brooklyn

Welcome to our cdl driving school brooklyn page. We are more than happy to provide driving lessons for everyone, who wants to get their first license. Feel free to take a look at our packages and don’t hesitate to ask your questions.

About CDL School

Rushing to say – we are the best, really! Our cdl school works several years and we’ve just hit the point of 1800 students for the past year. Most of them passed successfully with the first try and we are so proud!

The reason we started teaching people to drive trucks is that we’re passionate about it. Our team work so hard to make studying process as easier as possible.

Speaking about the process, it’s pretty smooth: first of all, make us a call to check which dates are available. We’ll schedule the road test for you after all the paper work is done, then take some lessons and you’re good to go, isn’t that simple?

Our Services

There are several vehicles we teach to operate, but most popular are the truck trailer and bus lessons. Since you are interested in this page what means you probably heard how much truck drivers earn in a year (80k average) – yea, that’s crazy! Well, guess you know how to put your money where mouth is.

CDL Driving Lessons

CDL driving lessons are the most requested and loved service. The single lesson is 60 minutes (if may you heard, most of the schools give 45min, but we are different).

You will have a chance to pick an instructor you like, all of the guys are experts and kind persons, which help to handle all the stuff!

We’ve got brand new trucks, which are certified and maintained daily. Also the best part is that it will be the same vehicle for your exam.

Bus Driving School

If you wish to be a local driver the school bus driving school is a right choice to start with. We have developed an amazing formula to help students pass the test in one, two, three.

Professional squad will make sure you are well-prepared and equipped for the test. Be sure do not be late on your lessons and exams – examiners don’t like it.

Truck Driving School

As we mentioned before, truck driving school services are the most wanted and valuable for our visitors and customers. We created the page to put some transparency on the paper.

We will guide you through all the steps together so you feel confident and relaxed. Make sure you make your appointment for lessons before the final exam, so you have a enough room to practice.

Get Your First Lesson Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to start today. Reach out to us by the phone call and make your first appointment. Get your docs in a week!

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